How to Fix File Explorer Not Responding in Windows 11

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Record Adventurer is a fundamental device in Windows 11 that permits clients to effectively explore through their documents and envelopes. Be that as it may, it very well may be baffling when Document Voyager becomes inert, ruining your efficiency. In this blog entry, we will investigate four successful techniques to fix the issue of Document Voyager not answering in Windows 11. Are you experiencing any DNS server not responding issues with your Windows 11? By adhering to these bit by bit directions, you can recover control of Record Pilgrim and guarantee a smooth and consistent client experience.

Restart Record Adventurer

The first and easiest investigating step is to restart Record Adventurer. This is the way you can make it happen:

  1. Press the "Ctrl + Shift + Esc" keys all the while to open the Errand Supervisor.
  2. In the Assignment Supervisor window, explore to the "Cycles" or "Subtleties" tab.
  3. Find the "Windows Pioneer" or "Record Adventurer" process.
  4. Right-click on the cycle and select "Restart" from the setting menu.

By restarting Record Pioneer, you permit it to reset and possibly resolve any impermanent errors that were causing the lethargy.

Clear Document Voyager History and Reserve

Record Traveller keeps a background highlighted by recently accessed documents and organisers, which can occasionally cause it to seem sluggish. Clearing the collection of experiences and reserves may aid in the resolution of the problem. Take the following steps to clear the Document Traveller history and reserve:

  1. First, launch Document Adventurer and navigate to the "View" tab in the strip menu.
  2. Click the "Choices" button at the right end of the strip.
  3. Select the "General" option in the Envelope Choices window.
  4. In the "Security" section, select the "Reasonable" button.
  5. Examine the boxes for "Record Pilgrim history" and "Reserved documents" and click "Alright" to confirm. Have you encountered any inverted mouse windows errors while using Windows 11?

Clearing the set of experiences and reserve can upgrade Document Wayfarer's exhibition by eliminating any superfluous information that may be making it become inert.

Update Designs Drivers

Obsolete or inconsistent design drivers can cause a variety of difficulties, like Record Traveller not responding. Refreshing your illustration drivers may help to resolve this issue. This is how to update your design drivers on Windows 11:

  1. While holding down the "Win + X" keys, enter the Fast Access menu.
  2. Choose "Gadget Chief" from the list of options.
  3. Expand the "Show connectors" class in the Gadget Chief panel.
  4. Right-click the designs card driver and select "Update driver."
  5. Select the option to automatically search for updated driver programming.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver upgrade procedure.

Refreshing your designs drivers guarantees that your framework has the most recent similarity enhancements, possibly settling any contentions making Document Pilgrim become inert.

Play out a Framework Document Check

Defiled framework records can likewise be an explanation for Document Voyager's lethargy. Are you facing fingerprint sensor not working issues on your Windows 11 system? Playing out a Framework Document Check can help in distinguishing and fixing any tainted records. Follow these moves toward run a Framework Document Check:

  1. Press the "Win + X" keys at the same time to open the Speedy Access menu.
  2. Select "Windows PowerShell (Administrator)" or "Order Brief (Administrator)" from the rundown of choices.
  3. In the raised PowerShell or Order Brief window, type the accompanying order and press Enter: "sfc/scannow".
  4. Hang tight for the examining system to finish. It might require some investment.
  5. Assuming any undermined documents are found, the Framework Record Check will endeavor to consequently fix them. Whenever provoked, restart your PC to finish the maintenance cycle.

By playing out a Framework Document Check, you can resolve any basic issues with framework records that might be making Document Traveler become lethargic.


Encountering Document Pilgrim not answering can be a disappointing circumstance, but rather with these four strategies, you can investigate and determine the issue really. Have you encountered any roblox kicked due to unexpected client behavior conflicts with Windows 11? Make sure to adhere to the bit by bit guidelines accommodated every strategy: restarting Record Pilgrim, clearing the set of experiences and reserve, refreshing illustrations drivers, and playing out a Framework Document Check.

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