How To Fix Missing Wifi Icon In Windows 11

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A missing WiFi icon in Windows 11 might be perplexing, making it difficult to connect to remote organisations and access the internet. In any event, don't worry; we've compiled four simple and effective solutions to help you restore the lost WiFi symbol on your Windows 11 foundation. Follow these step-by-step instructions, and you'll be back online in no time! Are you experiencing any dll missing file error with your Windows 11?

Restart Organisational Symbol Administration

Restarting the Organisation Symbol administration is one of the simplest ways to fix a missing WiFi symbol. How to do it:

  1. Press Windows + R to enter the Run dialogue box.
  2. Enter "services.msc" to enter the Administrations panel.
  3. Scroll down to "Organisation Rundown Administration."
  4. From the settings menu, right-click on "Organisation Rundown Administration" and select Restart.
  5. Expect the assistance to resume, and then check to see if the WiFi icon appears in the foundation plate.

Increase the Perceivability of Organisational Symbols

The perceivability parameters for the organisation symbol may occasionally be handicapped. This is how you empower them:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select Taskbar settings from the option that appears.
  • In the Taskbar settings panel, check the box next to "Turn framework symbols on or off."
  • Locate "Organisation" and make sure it is turned on. If it is turned off, turn it back on. Have you encountered any gpeditmsc missing windows errors while using Windows 11?
  • Close the settings window and check to see if the WiFi icon is still visible in the framework plate.

Update the WiFi Driver

A faulty or incompatible WiFi driver might also cause the WiFi symbol to vanish. Refreshing the driver can frequently resolve the problem. Use the following methods:
  1. Press the Windows key + X to open the Gadget Supervisor menu.
  2. Grow the "Organisation connectors" class 
  3. Right-click your WiFi connector and choose "Update driver."
  4. Select "Search consequently for refreshed driver programming."
  5. Windows will look for and install the latest recent driver. When the update is complete, check to see if the WiFi icon is still visible.

Run Organisation Investigator 

Windows 11 includes an underlying Organisation Investigator, which can help to resolve common organisational difficulties. This is how you do it:
  • Press Windows key + I to launch the Settings app.
  • Select "Organisation and web" from the left sidebar. Have you encountered any gaming service windows conflicts with Windows 11?
  • Go to Organisation and web settings and select "Cutting edge network settings."
  • Lower your gaze and select "Organisation investigator." 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and allow the investigator to analyse and resolve any organisational concerns.
  • Once the investigator has completed its cycle, check to see if the WiFi symbol has reappeared.


A missing WiFi icon in Windows 11 might disrupt your productivity and online experience. Fortunately, these four methods can help you reestablish the WiFi signal and restore your internet access. Restarting the Organisation Symbol administration, enabling network symbol perceivability settings, reloading the WiFi driver, and running the Organisation Investigator are simple yet effective ways to resolve this issue. By following the step-by-step recommendations, you can easily resolve the missing WiFi symbol issue in Windows 11 and return to a consistent web-based experience.

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