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If you don't have Token ID, generate a new Token ID from the AnimSearch options.
This form will get you a Validate ID which will activate your AnimSearch extension.

It is really easy to activate AnimSearch. It is completely FREE. Follow the steps below to get your free license key.

Get Token ID from AnimSearch options

After you copy the token ID. Use the tool provided above and generate the validate ID. Copy and paste the validate ID to the AnimSearch box. Click on Validate ID button. Your instance will be activated.

What is AnimSearch

AnimSearch is not just a search engine, it is something which you would wish your computer must have. It is the smartest search experience bundled with a minimalistic and customizable UI. Once you have it, you just can not think for any better.  AnimSearch is created to enhance your existing on-chrome experience.

Now, transform your searches into a lovely experience. AnimSearch comes with animated and fast search engine options that enhances and energizes your online experience. AnimSearch is going to make you machine stand out. That's a promise.

What is Search Engine:

A search engine is a piece of software that is used to do web searches. They conduct systematic searches of the World Wide Online for specific information provided in a linguistic web search term. The findings are often shown as a list of results, which is referred to as a search results page (SERPs). The data may consist of a combination of links to web sites, photographs, videos, graphics, articles, journal articles, and other sorts of files. Some search engines scrape information from a database or open directories. In contrast to website pages, which are solely updated by manual authors, search engines keep real-time information through operating an engine on a retrieval system.

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