Beautify Your Computer Make it a Masterpiece

In the last several months, We've been really interested in ergonomics. Beautiful computer experience is now more important than ever after the epidemic and the flood of pain that have resulted to loss of work productivity. We are bringing a fresh new way of how you use your Chrome. AnimSearch is beautified version  of a Search with options that are specifically made keeping you in mind. Generate your free License key now.

AnimSearch is a Chrome theme
with 2 major differences 

1: Starts as soon as you open a "New tab" on chrome
2: Makes your computer stand out & a masterpiece.

Best Chrome Extensions

AnimSearch is a redefined version of how you use traditional search. AnimSearch is being loved by thousands of people due to its simplicity and multiple search options. The sticky note is one of the favorite features. AnimSearch is completely free to use, go and add AnimSearch to your chrome and see the difference.

Add to ChromeAnimSearch Extension

AnimSearch Chrome Extension


The extension comes with a few Search Engine options which you can configure anytime. We have bundled our own Animated version of a search engine along with one smart search option which lets you combine different search results into one page. 

Artistic UI

The UI is designed to appeal your attention every time you open chrome. It is so different and fresh that you can not stop tinkering with it. We have put some Neon effects with some ultra smooth animations to make UI more appealing.

Make it your OWN

We are letting you make this search your own search engine, where you can provide your own name to it. Makes it completely customizable.

Free License

We are giving away a few licenses this week. You can enjoy your free lifetime license today. Here is how to activate your AnimSearch.

You have our undying gratitude for your visit!