AnimSearch & Make Difference

AnimSearch is a search engine
with two major differences. 

1: 80% of the revenue goes for COVID-19 health fund.
2: You get a Redefined Experience like Never Before.

How does this work? Every search you make on AnimSearch generates a little revenue and 80% of the revenue is used to help this pandemic situation.

[IMP Note: AnimSearch is recently added to chrome so it needs to be shared more & more. Lets make this world better again. Because every search counts.]

Add AnimSearch to Chrome. Add it as an extension. Click on Add extension button below. This will take you to the Google web store. You should see a button on top-right corner.

After the AnimSearch is added. open a New Tab, you will see a small popup asking if you want to keep changes. AnimSearch makes your chrome more stylish like never before. It makes you complete surfing experience smoother and faster. So click on "Keep Changes" button.

What makes AnimSearch so attractive?

Animated Search - Completely Redefined.
Bring it to your life when you are online. We have redefined the experience online. Now you can search anything on internet in a completely mesmerizing way that just you have.  Buzz off annoying results that leads you to no value pages. You get a customizable UI interface with this. You can put your own doodle with the engine or your own animated picture.

Browse with SpringSense in a Gala Way.
We have loaded WallWave with SpringSense Ultra Browsing mode. This unlocks more and more browsing speed.  You will enjoy surfing between the pages. Browsing becomes more smoother. That Swiftly.