How to use WallWave Beautifier

Hello users, this guide will answer to your frequently raised queries on installing WallWave Beautifier.

How to get Resources for WallWave?

If you are asked to get wallwave resources while you launch an application, then it is probably your system does not have required libraries. Follow the steps to make your WallWave work smoothly.
Step 1: Download WallWave
Step 2: Extract it in the same folder where WallWave is installed. So the directory structure be like -
WallWave Resources
Step 3: Now launch WallWave.exe application.

How to Beautify Desktop using Free WallWave?

It is as simple as to right click on your gif, and then set it as a desktop background. WallWave will pick it up and animate it on the background. So your WallPaper becomes WallWave. If you want to opt for advanced functionalities then go with the upgraded version.

How shall I use WallWave SpringSense and Animated Search Engine?

These features are available with Premium and Ultra version of WallWave. When you receive a license key on your email, you will be provided with all the plugins to use and a document to use it.
If you need a technical assistance from WallWave then fill in contact form at bottom of the WallWave page.

I need some Sample Walls for my Free WallWave version?

You can use any kind of GIF with the desktop beautifier version of WallWave. You can download some free WallWaves in GIF format to test out various resolutions and quality for your Windows.
Download - Free GIF Walls.