Scholarship Program

Scholarship Program

Hows.Tech provides college and conference scholarships each year to encourage students to continue their learning in Computer Science and related STE and AI disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence). The recipients of the scholarships will be given in recognition of their demonstrated desire for technology, academic excellence and leadership as they work to advance the advanced software industry.

We strongly encourage underrepresented groups to continue with the STE and AI field of study because we highly value the diverse perspectives and contributions. We are specifically committed to offering scholarships to people of origins who may be historically underrepresented in the technical field. We give priority to scholarship applications that show extraordinary leadership work in the promotion of diversity in the STE an AI disciplines at their universities.

University Scholarship


  • The achievement / academic excellence record is displayed. Due to merit-based scholarships, you must maintain an accumulated average of 3.0 points of 4.0, or 4.0 points, the average cumulative value of 5.0 possibilities.
  • Show satisfactory progress towards a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or related STE and AI disciplines.


  • Science Engineering
  • Technology
  • Engineering
    • Software Engineering
    • System Engineering
    • Computer-Aided Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
Year 2018-2019 Scholarship Candidates (Top 3 Ranks)
  • Alisha J. Jacob (Neural Networks AI)
  • Jim Wotson (Computer Vision and Image Processing)
  • Adesh Y. Singhavi (SAP Integrations)


The students who qualify for the scholarship program will receive the following rewards.

First winner: $3500
Second winner: $2000
Third winner: $1500

Along with this we provide top 5 candidates with 500$ additional reward.

How to Apply for the Program

Step 1: Tell us why you deserve this scholarship

Submit a 150-200 word description witch explains why you should receive this scholarship.

Don’t forget to mention your personal achievements in the essay. Include links to your online projects so that we can see them in their full galore in their native online environment. We also expect you to introduce yourself in detail in your written application.

Step 2: Showcase your achievements in a video
We need you to send us two videos along with the essay.
1. Send us a video of recommendations from your teachers and professors.
2. Send us a short video showcasing your recent projects.

You can send these videos to our email address.

Step 3: Final check

Here are few important things we want you to check before you finally submit your application for this scholarship.

1. Attach a valid photo ID along with your application.

2. Double-check all the information you provided in the application.

3. Submit your application before the deadline August 15th 2019.

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Internship Opportunity

We also provide learn and earn facility to students who wish to work with industry people and gain the best in class practical knowledge. In order to apply for learn and earn, you need to register for full time. You can associate with us remotely as a distance learner or in-campus learning.

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