How To Change Icon Size on Windows 10


Are you willing to make desktop icons bigger so that you do not have to squint at them ? Or you want to make the icons smaller to save the space on your screen ? This tech guide will help you to complete your wish. Lets get started on How to change icon size on Windows 10. This will even work on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Step 1
Desktop Icons

Right Click on the desktop.
From the Context Menu, Select View.
You should see three options on the drop down - Large Icons Medium Icons and Small Icons. Select the size you wish to apply and boom, all set.

This will only change the size of icons placed on the desktop. This wont affect any icons elsewhere on the computer. But if you wish to change those too, luckily we have a settings for that.

Step 2
Task bar Icons

Right Click on the desktop. Select Display Settings. These settings control most of the Graphics of your computer including Text size icon size brightness levels and Screen Orientations.

On the next screen, In Settings dialog, you should see option 'Change the size of text, apps, and other items'. You can use the scroll bar to increase / decrease the size of icons.

Click on Apply.

Step 3
Icons in File Explorer
This is pretty simple and fun. Navigate to the folder you want to change the icons view. You can use step 1 manually to set the size of icons through view option. Or you can simply press Ctrl button and use mouse scroll button to make the size smaller or bigger. 

This setting will be limited to the folder only where you made the settings, and it will remain saved when you visit back that folder again. For any other folder you need to navigate to it and change the view again.

With this you should be able to change icon size on Windows 10.