How to Buy Windows 10 and Activate from Official Site

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    I am going to show you an easiest way on how to purchase Windows 10 Professional and Activate it from the Microsoft Official site.

    How much does it cost ?

    It will cost you around 199$ from Microsoft Official site. We recommend you to buy it from Microsoft site only for all genuine features and official support.
    Step 1: Go to Microsoft site
    Visit this Buy Windows 10 Pro and you should see a a product page for Microsoft Windows 10 suite.

    How to Buy Windows 10 and Activate from Official Site

    Step 2: Select option for how you would like to get the product. It could be a Windows installation disk or a downloadable link to the Windows Pro or both. In any case you are going to get email containing the link to download the installation image in case you require it in the future or if your Windows is lost.

    Step 3: Select Language in which you want your Windows labels and all settings you want. It comes with English by default. But by choosing from right in the beginning you do not have to change the language from English to other  language after installation.

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