Apple will notify you when your iPhone performance downgrades

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Apple will notify you when your iPhone performance downgrades
Image Credits: TechRadar

Back in year 2017, Apple said it would speed up performance on old iPhones, such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, to optimize the performance of outdated device batteries, but Apple has now promised to let people know before doing so.

Competition and the UK Market Authority (CMA) announced in a statement that Apple agreed to warn iPhone users when planned updates could slow down their devices.
This means that iPhone users have the ability to install updates and suffer with slower iPhones, or miss updates and with older software.

Apple's initial performance scandal was released because users did not know that Apple slowed down their iPhone, and many users sent their cellphones for repairs or replacements because they thought there was a defect.

If Apple notifies users that the performance of their cellphone will receive a software update, these people will wait for it and will not return their iPhone for repair.

Many people still use the old iPhone, because the speed of their performance, even reduced, is still logical, so the transparency of Apple will make the iPhone more attractive to all.

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