Google bringing Chromebooks and Android Devices more close

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Google bringing Chromebooks and Android Devices more close
Image Credits: TechCrunch

You already have several options to connect your Android phone to a laptop with Chrome OS, but not on the same scale as, for example, Apple MacBook and iPhone. Now it seems that an update is taking place.

The new code snippet reported by Chrome Story shows that Android and Chrome OS will work closer in the future, even though there is no official word about this change.
Some potential features of the trip include the ability to click on the Chromebook phone number to immediately call it on Android, the ability to share Wi-Fi passwords between devices, and Universal Clipboard characteristics. .
For now, it seems to work, and Google hasn't officially said anything about them (they haven't been tagged on Google IO earlier this month). It may take time before they are released.

To add peace of mind, the connection between Android and Chrome OS is end-to-end encrypted, which makes anyone trying to listen to what's being copied between different devices be frustrated.

For now, the increase is called "OneChrome" but that might change. They can be packaged with other Android and Chrome OS integration, such as instant login exchanges from registered phones.

Chrome OS already has the ability to run Android applications, of course. Google engineers also plan to improve this feature and potentially allow the transfer of Android applications on Chromebooks.

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