Google decreases the Pixel Slate’s price by USD 200

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Google has reduced the price of its Pixel Slate to $ 200 in its shop (seen by Android Police), which makes this device more attractive to buyers who are surprised by the high prices.

Until now, Slate has started from $ 599, up to $ 799 for the base model (M3 kernel), and you can take the i5 version for $ 799. Fortunately, Google seems to have realized the stupidity of completing its flagship tablet with Celeron and sending it to the trash.

Google Pixel Slate is the company's flagship product, Chromebook, which was launched last year. Even though it is a good material, although minimal, the failure of the software and other commitments make it change in version. Google has released a software update to increase interference and Chrome OS has been strengthened for some time. The calculation may have changed a little.
With lower new prices, I can have the opportunity to sell now.

Google decreases the Pixel Slate’s price by USD 200

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