Google now shuts down YouTube Gaming Application

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Google now shuts down YouTube Gaming Application
Image Credits: BusinessInsider

There is death in the YouTube family and the name is YouTube Gaming.

Google has announced the closure of exclusive game applications for YouTube content in three days. On May 30, 2019, an independent service application will be taken behind the Google store and will be immediately rejected.

YouTube Gaming is a creative project for streaming services that plans to keep content irrelevant to players as if it were only content and game content. Like me, many people still watch game content on the main YouTube version. It's easier, simpler and has no sex far from me.

This service, in turn, enhances the live broadcast experience in general, although most of the improvements also lead to traditional YouTube. From 2015 to 2019, YouTube games are, are, and will always be useless.

From now on, this service will only be available on the official website, but will be changed. Instead of the full version that we had before, it will now display a personalized content library for users.

Source: TheVerge

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