Google redesigns UI of search results page for better experience

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Google redesigns UI of search results page for better experience
Image Credits: Search Engine Land

Google has launched a new design for Google search this week. Updating this new search page will bring more colors to your search results.

As you can see on the results page provided by Google, this moderate change is more transparent in terms of the user interface.

For example, for ads, it is now more clearly displayed as an ad with the words "Ad" in bold next to the URL. For a normal website, you will see the site name and the icon next to the results on the search page. All of these changes are made so that the user can identify the source of information in the blink of an eye and decide whether to click or not.

"As we continue to offer formats of new content and useful actions, from buying movie tickets to playing podcasts, this new design allows us to add more useful actions and preview buttons to find results maps, while we provide better ideas about site content. the web with clear attribution to the source, "Google explained on Wednesday.

While the design was launched on mobile now, Google publications imply that it will also be sent to the office.

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