Google Stadia Launch, Price and Game info coming out soon

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Google Stadia Launch, Price and Game info coming out soon
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If you monitor Google Stadia and hope to receive additional information about Google's new streaming service, the wait is almost over.

Earlier that day, the official Google Stadia account on Twitter confirmed that prices for services, game announcements, and launch information would be given this summer.
If you leave the Stadia circle, let's continue. Stadia is a streaming service that will allow people to play big and famous games without the need for the latest or most sophisticated hardware, software or devices.

It must be launched this year and launched for the first time in the United States, Canada, Britain and Europe.

Stadia aims to eliminate downloads, patches and waiting times. Google wants to bring Stadia to almost all "screens". At launch, the screen listing will include desktop computers, laptops, televisions and telephones. The stadium will not have a console to limit ideas or players can play. All work will be done in Google Cloud services.

Stadia is compatible with most game controllers, which means you can use almost all game controllers on your device.

However, Google will also have its own driver for Stadia, called "Stadia Controller". The controller is WiFi that is enabled to connect without problems to the device you want to use.

Google Stadia Twitter Update :
This summer, three of the wishes you've been asking for will finally be granted:💰 Price Reveal🎮 Game Announcements🚀 Launch Info
Stay tuned here for more Stadia details coming soon

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