How to Find Missing Drivers on Windows Computer [ Solved ]

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How to Find Missing Drivers on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer? The Windows operating system (OS) also includes tools to find missing drivers. Let us see, how to Scan a Computer for Missing Drivers.

How to Find Missing Drivers in Windows

  1. Click on Start menu and type 'Computer Management‘ in the search box.
  2. Open Computer Management, click on 'Device Manager' on left side menu of computer management window.
  3. If any of drivers is missing the section will be expanded automatically and marked with a little yellow color mark /  warning symbol. By looking into this you could easily figure out what drivers you are missing and you will easily find them.
  4. Right click on missing drivers component and click on update driver software.
Now, there are two options - There is sensible likelihood that you simply have already got drivers in your PC, which suggests you'll click on Browse my PC for driver code choice.
  • If you do not assume you have got the drivers on your PC then opt for the primary choice, Search Automatically Search for Drivers, which can try and notice the drivers through Windows Update. If you select to browse your PC keep following these directions. See this post to Install Sound Drivers Eaily for example.
  • If you want to pick up the driver manually, you can Select the proper drivers for system and click on Next button and then Select the driver folder. Drivers will be automatically installed on your PC.
  • Restart the computer. This is a must, because without a restart it wont load the drivers properly.

Easy Steps to Find Device Drivers

Driver software allows computer operating systems to communicate with hardware and devices. Every component installed on your computer requires a driver to function properly, be it a video card, keyboard or printer. Most components and peripherals include a disk controller when you buy it. The Windows System also has in built methods to find out missing drivers. Use this tool to find devices on your computer that do not have drivers installed. Windows is connected to the Internet to download compatible drivers.

Open Control Panel

Click on the Windows "Start" menu and select "Control Panel." Open "Device Manager" to see a list of all devices connected to your computer.

Open Device Manager.

Look for any hardware listed in "Device Manager" marked with a yellow exclamation mark. This exclamation point indicates that there are no drivers installed on the device.

Locate Warning Sign on a missing device driver

Right-clicking on each device marked requires driver. Select "Update driver software". Choose "Automatically Search Drivers" in the question "How do you want to find the driver?" Now, Windows will connect to the Internet to find compatible drivers. If you need some additional with this, contact one of the best IT Support companies in London and the UK.

Select - Find my computer for driver software

Click "Find my computer for driver software" instead if you have disk drivers for this device. Insert the disk into the drive and click "Browse." Select the disk location and click "OK". Windows will now scan the drive to look for drivers. Click "Install" when you are. Restart your computer when you are asked to complete the installation.

Click on the Windows "Start" menu and select "Windows Update" from the "All Programs" list if Windows cannot install the missing driver. Windows Update has a more complete driver detection function. Click "Check for updates." Windows will scan your computer for the missing driver.

Click "Optional updates available" when Windows Update has finished scanning your computer. Check the drivers listed on "Windows" in the "Select the update that you want to install" menu. Select "OK" and then choose "Install" to download the latest driver. Now restart your computer when you are asked to complete the installation.

Why Should You Update Device Drivers?

Find Missing Drivers
How to Find Missing Drivers

How do I find missing drivers on my computer?

The Missing Device error may occur as a result of the disabling of automated driver downloads or as a result of a malfunction during the driver installation process. This, however, may be remedied with the assistance of some simple actions detailed in this post.

To locate any missing drivers, follow the methods outlined in the following sections. Once you've identified which device drivers are causing problems, you may take steps to correct them.
  • To access the Device Manager, press the Windows key + X together to bring up the fast link menu. From there, choose Device Manager to open it.
  • Alternatively, you may access Windows Device Manager by typing its name into the Start menu search box and clicking on it. Have you noticed any abnormal computer freezing windows crashes on your Windows 11 system?
  • Make sure that all of the sections in the Device Manager window are expanded. If you are certain about a certain area, then just that portion should be expanded.
When device drivers are missing, you will see a yellow warning symbol or an exclamation symbol next to the devices that are lacking them.

How do I find missing drivers in Device Manager?

An additional feature of the Device Manager application that is less well-known to most people is its ability to allow you to examine certain previously concealed devices. It is they that are responsible for the component drivers of the software packages that you have installed on your computer. For these secret drivers to be visible, just choose the "View" tab and then tick the "Show hidden devices" box.

How do I install missing drivers in Windows 10?

Installing a driver after you spot as missing also is a simple process.
  • Enter device manager in the search window on the taskbar, and then pick Device Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a category to view the names of the devices in that category, then right-click (or tap and hold) the device you want to update. 
  • Click Look automatically for updated driver software from the Driver Updates drop-down menu.
  • Select Driver Update from the drop-down menu. 

Where do I find drivers?

The Device Manager may be accessed via the Control Panel. In addition, you may put "devmgmt. msc" in the Run box of the Start menu's Run option. Are you having trouble in laptop speaker crackling issues on your Windows 11 system?
  1. In the Device Manager, right-click the device and then pick Properties from the popup menu that appears on the right.
  2. Select the Details tab from the drop-down menu.
In the dropdown column, choose the Hardware Ids you want to use. Driver software lets a computer's operating system (OS) communicate with hardware and peripherals. Every part which is attached to your computer requires a driver to act properly, whether it's a video card, keyboard or printer. Most of the components and peripherals include a driver disc when you buy them. Use tools to scan your computer for devices without a driver installed. Windows then will connect to the Internet to download a compatible driver for your system. 

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