How to Fix Computer Freezing Windows 11

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PC freezing issues can be disappointing and problematic, particularly while utilizing the most recent Windows 11 working framework. Whether you're chipping away at a significant venture or basically perusing the web, abrupt freezes can upset efficiency and effect your general client experience. In this blog entry, we will investigate five commonsense tips to assist you with fixing PC freezing issues in Windows 11 and reestablish your framework's steadiness. Are you experiencing any download programs and application issues with your Windows 11? We should make a plunge and get your PC moving along as expected once more!

Update Windows 11:

Routinely refreshing your working framework is vital for keeping up with ideal execution and resolving known issues. To guarantee that you have the most recent bug fixes and upgrades, follow these means:

  1. Press the Windows key on your console and snap on the stuff symbol to open the Settings application.
  2. In the Settings window, select "Windows Update" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Snap on "Check for refreshes" and permit Windows to filter for accessible updates.
  4. On the off chance that updates are found, click on "Introduce now" to start the update interaction.
  5. When the update is finished, restart your PC to apply the changes.

Make sure to play out this update cycle intermittently to stay up with the latest and limit freezing issues.

Check for Equipment Similarity:

At times, contradictory equipment parts can cause framework freezes. Have you encountered any automatic repair in windows errors while using Windows 11? To guarantee similarity, follow these means:

  1. Visit the authority site of your PC maker or the equipment producer.
  2. Search for any suitable driver updates or similarity patches for Windows 11.
  3. Download and introduce the suggested updates or fixes.
  4. Restart your PC to apply the changes.

Checking equipment similarity and introducing fitting updates can determine freezing issues connected with equipment clashes.

Filter for Malware:

Vindictive programming can disturb framework activities and lead to freezing issues. To examine your framework for malware, follow these means:

  1. Open the Windows Security application by squeezing the Windows key and composing "Windows Security."
  2. In the Windows Security window, click on "Infection and danger assurance."
  3. Snap on "Fast sweep" or "Full output" to start an output of your framework.
  4. Assuming any dangers are identified, follow the prompts to eliminate them from your PC.
  5. Restart your PC after the sweep is finished. Are you facing ethernet connection issues on your Windows 11 system?

Consistently examining your framework for malware keeps up with its security and forestalls freezing issues brought about by noxious projects.

Oversee Startup Projects:

Extreme startup projects can trouble framework assets and add to freezing issues. Follow these moves toward oversee startup programs:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your console to open the Assignment Director.
  2. In the Undertaking Administrator window, click on the "Startup" tab.
  3. Survey the rundown of startup programs and incapacitate any superfluous or asset concentrated applications.
  4. Right-click on the undesirable program and select "Cripple."
  5. Restart your PC to apply the changes.

Upgrading your startup projects can essentially work on your framework's exhibition and diminish the probability of freezing. Have you encountered any administrator permission conflicts with Windows 11?

Change Power Settings:

Now and again, power settings might influence framework steadiness and cause freezing. Follow these moves toward change power settings:

  1. Open the Settings application by squeezing the Windows key and tapping on the stuff symbol.
  2. Select "Framework" from the left-hand menu.
  3. Snap on "Power and rest" from the Framework settings.
  4. Under the "Related settings" area, click on "Extra power settings."
  5. In the Power Choices window, select the power plan you are as of now utilizing and click on "Change plan settings."
  6. Change the power settings as indicated by your inclinations. To forestall freezing, guarantee that the "Mood killer the showcase" and "Put the PC to bed" choices are set to a sensible span or "Never."
  7. Snap on "Save changes" to apply the new power settings.

By modifying your power settings, you can improve your framework's power the board and decrease freezing episodes.


Encountering PC freezing issues on Windows 11 can be baffling, yet there are powerful answers for reestablish soundness. Are you experiencing any  earphones not working problems or issues with on your Windows 11 device? By following the five hints referenced in this blog entry, you can address freezing issues and upgrade your general client experience.

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