Huawei Phones see potential drop worldwide

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Huawei Phones see potential drop worldwide
Image Credits: Forbes
Huawei's cellular business has been torpedoed by the US government's decision. Law To prohibit Google from doing business with it. Even when companies are subject to a 90-day suspension for their dowry and their operators cross the world, they act.

The Huawei Mate X folding cellphone was originally launched with 5G technology in the UK Vodafone and EE networks. Not yet.

Now, BT Vodafone and EE have canceled their project to launch this phone.

"Until we get information and trust that gives us a long-term guarantee that our customers when they buy a unit will be covered for the rest of their lives if they take it with us ... we hold that device" Allera from BT.

Not only in the UK, operators in Taiwan and Japan have stopped selling Huawei Mate X smartphones and have even extended their limits to existing Huawei devices, such as the P30.

If you want to whip your property at the retailer, someone refuses to accept it. Although the telephone is a capable telephone, uncertainty prevents them from changing jobs.

On Monday, Huawei and Google have used social networks to ensure users that their devices will continue to receive security updates and assistance from Google Play Protect.

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