Instagram makes IGTV App (InstaGram TV) similar to Snapchat video feature

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Instagram makes IGTV (InstaGram TV) similar to Snapchat video feature
Image Credits: TechCrunch

The Instagram TV application that you don't use receives more updates. This time, this will add horizontal video support. Also known as the best objective way to enjoy videos on your mobile.

This is another change for IGTV, we have listened to our makers and viewers again, we have listened to producers who want to download landscape videos for IGTV and we have listened to viewers who have found landscape videos on IGTV, but look at the more natural, obviously Instagram on a blog on Thursday.

If I take my tongue, even though the vertical video format has the advantage of viewing social content recovery in portrait mode, horizontal video is far better for all types of content and offers a wider viewing area. wide on your screen. Instagram has received strong requests from its creative community and, conversely, has launched this response.

It is unclear how many users are using IGTV, the company says it has seen an increase in content and a greater number of users, but refrains from giving more concrete figures or more typical blur numbers.

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