Microsoft Defender for MacOS is now released

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Microsoft Defender for MacOS is now released
Credits: ExtremeTech

Last March, Microsoft announced for the first time the release of Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac. After internal testing and personal preview, Microsoft announced yesterday a public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac. Based on comments from customers during the personal preview period, Microsoft has made the following improvements to the product.

  • Improved accessibility
  • Improved performance
  • Improved monitoring of client product health.
  • Location in 37 languages.
  • Increased protection against vandalism.
  • Comments and samples can now be sent via the interface.
  • Product status can be requested with JAMF or from the command line.
  • Administrators can configure their cloud preferences for any location, not just those in the United States.

Microsoft Defender ATP on Mac can run on devices running Mojave macOS, High Sierra macOS or Sierra macOS. During the preview period, Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac will allow end users to review and configure their protection, including:

  • Continuous scanning, including complete, fast and personalized scanning routes (we recommend fast scanning in almost all scenarios)
  • Check detected threats
  • Take action against threats, including quarantine, deletion or authorization.

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