Microsoft has achieved FIDO2 certification for Windows Hello

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Microsoft has achieved FIDO2 certification for Windows Hello
Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows Hello had obtained FIDO2 certification. With this certification, all devices compatible with Windows 10 now have the FIDO2 certification as soon as Windows is updated on May 10, 2019. Users can use biometric or Windows Hello codes to access their devices, applications, online services and more. Networks with FIDO. Certified security

Browser Based Compatibility Support

Previously, only Microsoft Edge browsers supported FIDO2 in Windows 10. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that the latest version of Mozilla Firefox now supports FIDO2 in Windows 10. In addition, Microsoft will soon support this browser-based application compatibility. Chrome, including Microsoft Edge in chrome. .

FIDO2 Alliance with W3C

Our work with the FIDO Alliance, W3C and our contributions to the FIDO2 standard have become an important part of Microsoft's partnership. Windows Hello is designed to synchronize with the FIDO2 standard to work with cloud services. The certification announcement has allowed organizations and websites to extend FIDO certified authentication to more than 800 million active Windows 10 devices, he said. Yogesh Mehta, Program Manager, Microsoft Core Group.

As a board member and one of the main contributors to the development of FIDO2, Microsoft has become an important supporter of the FIDO Alliance's mission to evolve the world beyond passwords, based on long-standing support. Microsoft for FIDO2 technology in Windows 10.

FIDO2 Certification For Windows Hello

For customers and partners in the Windows ecosystem, customers and partners will benefit from FIDO's user authentication approach, said FIDO Alliance Marketing Manager Andrew Shikiar. FIDO2 is now compatible with the most used operating systems and web browsers in the world. Quickly provide a simpler and more robust authentication experience for billions of users around the world.

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