Microsoft patents a new and completely versatile Surface Pen

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Microsoft patents a new and completely versatile Surface Pen
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Microsoft has patented the new Surface Pen with some additional features that will make accessories a little more useful.

The main innovation is being able to control the cursor by writing on the wrist of your Surface keyboard, which is more comfortable than reaching the screen and allows more precise cursor control compared to 1: 1 controls via the touch screen.

Microsoft also imagines the inclusion of an optical sensor or camera inside the pen, which allows users to control cursors or remote presentations. Microsoft has patented the pencil eraser function from the screen, changing the position of the electrostatic pen control into several short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth. Optical sensors, such as the mouse, also allow the pen to write on any surface, such as a table.

With a pen that now acts as a proxy for a real mouse, you can make too many accessories, which is good news for travelers.

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