MobileShell now turn your computer in a big Windows Phone

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MobileShell now turn your computer in a big Windows Phone

Windows 10 for ARM on the Lumia 950 XL is a great achievement, but it still works with a PC operating system on a small 6 inch screen.

WOA hackers are brave, but they never stop, and as promised, ADeltaX today released a new Windows 10-based open source shell based Windows Phone.
Designed to work in tablet mode Windows 10 (and finally Lumia 950 XL), and perfectly at home on your laptop, pressing the Start button opens the Start menu, pressing the previous button and holding it down, Change task activated and Search for buttons

It also shows the status indicator and status bar at the top of the screen.

  • Battery status (charging, normal, saving)
  • Detection (such as w10m):
    • Help focus
    • Use of Location
    • WiFi (looks like wont work)
    • Cellphone (+ dual sim) -> (again, wont work)
    • Tablet mode or desktop mode (may be damaged)
  • Double touch to sleep
  • Click / touch the status bar to open the action center.

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