OnePlus 7 Pro getting issues with touchscreen - reported by users

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OnePlus 7 Pro getting issues with touchscreen - reported by users
Image Credits: PhoneArena

Some OnePlus 7 Pro models seem to have hardware problems just a few days after launch, in the form of a ghost touch screen lock that the application seems to respond to but hasn't done yet.

As the Android police reported, mysterious ghost contact does not seem to match a particular application or scenario, almost like appearing from nowhere.

If you already have OnePlus 7 Pro, you can see posts on the forum, tweet Twitter and YouTube clips that explain and show the problem. At this point, it's hard to say how wide it is.

All eyes are on OnePlus to see if this is a problem that can be resolved in a reasonable time. OnePlus 7 Pro has updated important software updates, partly to enhance the gaming experience.

This phone is also due to other updates in the coming days which will help the superior headset to take better pictures, especially in low light conditions.

Sure, at least, that OnePlus actively promotes patches for OnePlus 7 Pro at a stable level but is less convincing that there seems to be a relatively high number of bugs and problems to deal with.

The OnePlus 7 Pro screen has an updated frequency of 90 Hz faster than usual for a larger response capacity, which can be part of the ghost problem. We will continue to give you information when and when new details appear.

via: TechRadar

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