PUBG Mobile Game getting Banned in Gujarat, India

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PUBG Mobile Game getting Banned in Gujarat, India
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Anyone who is found or reports playing PUBG Mobile can be fined up to one month in prison. The ban will only continue until March 30, according to IBTimes. His report shows that players will only be arrested if they do not cooperate with police requests to deactivate the game.

PUBG Mobile's reputation in many cities in India is very negative. While the game is becoming increasingly popular, prominent government officials such as IT Minister Gao call the game "Satan in every home."

The recent game has been the subject of many violent crimes which certainly do not help the situation. Recently, a man from Maharashtra was involved in knife crime after his fiancé's brother did not find a way to accuse him.

The ban on PUBG in India will not stop the growth of games. It is clear that the game is still very popular, enough for PUBG Corp to make a Lite version for lower-class computers. With the crossover as Resident Evil 2 which also occurs in the mobile game version, the range is certainly wide. Ten students were released on bail that day. Speaking to the Indian Express, police chief Rohit Raval said that "the defendant was very busy playing", so they did not pay attention to the police approach.

PUBG Mobile Ban in Gujrat
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Last week, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara banned the mobile version of the popular Royal Battle Game from PUBG Corporation. The Aravalli district government has also banned PUBG and the controversial MOMO controversy.

The ban on PUBG Mobile is due to the protection of children. PUBG Mobile, concerned about the promotion of violent games in addition to addiction, will cause a decline in the performance of Indian children during the exam.

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