Samsung releases Pixar and Disney Wallpapers for Galaxy S10

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Samsung releases Pixar and Disney Wallpapers for Galaxy S10
Credits: Samsung and/ Google Images
Amsung has managed to avoid first-class trends and one solution is to add holes to its flagship S10 series camera. This is an unusual design that allows the community to put aside their creativity and design creative wallpapers to hide the pieces.

Now, it seems that Samsung also wants to jump. The company has partnered with Disney to create a series of wallpapers (via The Verge) that hide clipping cameras on the device. Wallpapers show famous Disney characters from Frozen, Zootopia and The Incredibles.

This wallpaper is free and can be downloaded on all Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Unfortunately, the problem only takes into account one camera and won't be perfect on the S10 Plus. Sorry. Users of Galaxy S10 and S10E can download and test the wallpaper directly.

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