Snapchat employees spying on their users

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Snapchat employees spying on their users
Image Credits: SnapChat
Like all technology companies, SnapChat has a lot of access to its data. They can see their contacts, they can see their location, they have access to their cameras and we allow them to access the honor system. Like all human element technology companies, they are considered lost.
A report published today by MP illustrates these findings, noting that Snap employees have misused internal tools called SnapLion to access users' personal data.

The SnapLion tool is designed to allow companies to access user data if law enforcement requests legitimate access to data.


Two former employees said several Snap employees misused their access to Snapchat user data a few years ago. These sources, together with two former additional employees, a current employee and an internal company mail cache obtained from the motherboard, illustrate internal tools for Snap employees to access user data, including some cases, location information. . Saved snapshots and personal information such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Blocked are photos or videos that, if not registered, usually disappear after receipt (or after 24 hours if published in a user's story).

Whatever protection is offered by the company, human elements are always important. Employees who abuse this tool can be stopped, but they have access to it and abuse it now. It's not a problem to hang up. Last year, Facebook had a problem for something similar, we contacted Twitter to delete their DM for years after the event, etc.

Privacy protection is the most important thing about Snap, we store very little user data and we have strict rules and controls to limit internal access to the data we have. Any unauthorized access is a violation of the striking business standards if detected, this will result in immediate termination, a spokesman for Snap told MP. A good statement to verify, but there is no simple solution to privacy issues in terms of technology, privacy, and people. intersect, no matter how many privacy policies are set.

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