Windows 10 201H1 Insider Preview Build 18894

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Windows 10 201H1 Insider Preview Build 18894

Today, Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18894 (20H1) for Windows Insiders in the quick ring tone.

Windows 10 201H1 File Explorer Updates

Microsoft has launched a new search experience in File Explorer, now compatible with Windows Search. This change will help integrate your OneDrive content online with the results of traditional indexes. This release will start with a small percentage, then Microsoft will increase the release to a greater number of insiders because Microsoft validates the quality of the experience.

When you have a new experience, when you type in the search box of the file browser, you will now see a drop-down list containing the suggested files you can choose from.

These improved results can be started directly by clicking on the entry in the new suggestion box or, if you want to open the location of the file, right click on it and an option will allow you to do so. If you need to use commands or drill down into non-indexed locations, you can still press Enter and fill in the screen with the results of the traditional search.

Microsoft is also updating the drawing. As soon as you click on the search field in the File Explorer (or press CTRL + E to adjust the focus), a drop-down list containing the search history will be displayed.

Enhanced Accessibility in Windows 10 201H1

  • Improved reading of narrator tables: narrators are now more efficient when reading tables. Only deltas are read during navigation. Entering and leaving the table is not detailed either.
  • Summary of the narrator's web pages: There is a new command in the narrator to provide a summary of the web page! (Narrator + S) Currently, this command provides information about hyperlinks, waypoints, and headers.
  • Text cursor extension settings: Windows Magnifier offers a new ability to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen, which makes typing easier and smoother. Centering on the screen is enabled by default and can be changed in the magnifying glass configuration.
  • General changes, improvements and improvements for PC.
  • Microsoft fixes issues that cause scroll with the mouse wheel or trackpad to not work properly on the system during recent flights.
  • Microsoft fixes problems by opening the memory integrity page in Windows security, which will cause the application to crash.
  • Microsoft corrects the problem where the Windows Update icon in the system tray of the taskbar is not optimized for high resolution.
  • Microsoft recently solved the problem of blocking the "Add other users to this PC" window if the user connected to MSA tried to add local users to the PC.
  • Microsoft corrects typographical errors in WIN + (period) of the name of the category in the kaomoji section.
  • Microsoft corrects competitive situations that may cause users to encounter an older version of search relevance logic, which would affect subsequent search results.
  • Microsoft solves a problem in which the Start menu does not start if the group policy "Continue with this device" is "disabled".
  • Microsoft corrects the problems while navigating using the Narrator + R command error in the Edit PowerPoint view.
  • Microsoft corrects the problem where Narrator has a low volume and can not be updated.

Known Issues in Windows 10 201H1

  • Due to an error in the operating system, the application of your phone will not work in this version (20H1 Build 18894). This problem does not affect the application of your phone if it is in a slow call and preview version. Microsoft hopes that this problem can be resolved on the next flight to the fast buzzer. Thank you for your patience.
  • There is a problem with the previous version of the anti-cheat software used with the games where, after updating to the latest version of 19H1 Insider Preview, the PC could suffer interference. Microsoft is working with its partners to update its software with improvements, and most games have released patches to prevent computers from experiencing this problem. To minimize the risk of this problem, be sure to run the latest version of your game before attempting to upgrade the operating system. Microsoft is also working with developers and anti-cheat games to solve similar problems that may occur with the 20H1 internal preview and will try to minimize the possibility of this problem occurring in the future.
  • Some Realtek SD card readers do not work correctly. Microsoft is investigating this problem.
  • Microsoft is investigating reports that, on some devices, if the startup is enabled quickly, the pilot does not turn on before restarting. (Note: The problem occurs with a "cold" or on / off restart). To solve the problem if the night light is not on, use Start> Energy> Restart.
  • There is a delay when the emoji and dictation panels slide.
  • Tamper protection can be disabled in Windows Security after updating this building. You can turn it on again.
  • In the Ease of Access configuration, the selection of a color filter may not be applied immediately unless the color filter option is turned off and on again.
  • The windows of the EMI candidates for East Asian EMI (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese) can sometimes not be open. Microsoft is investigating this problem. Meanwhile, open the Task Manager and complete "WindowsInternal.Collabor.Term.TextInput Shell". The InputApp.exe task on the Details tab should be unlocked if you experience this problem.
  • Microsoft is aware of a problem with Bopomofo IME where the width of the character suddenly changes to full width or half width and is currently under investigation.

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