Xbox Game Bar's new feature is rolling out for Windows 10

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Xbox Game Bar's new feature is rolling out for Windows 10
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Good news for XBox gamers. 'Looking for Groups' feature is launching a new Xbox game bar.

Announced by Major Nelson on Twitter, the Xbox game bar aims to better align with the Xbox One experience on the console. do you want to try? Tell us more in the comments below.
Original story:

The Windows 10 Game 10 tool has been updated with other features of Xbox One: Find a group.

Present in the beta version of Microsoft software, the group feature allows Windows users to quickly find other players to group. This is an interesting feature of Xbox One, which has formed new guilds and communities around games like Destiny 2. He is welcomed here.

Until now, group search was only available on beta test rings on the Windows game bar. According to Windows Central, the current list of games is quite limited; The game list is limited to the original Windows 10 game. If you are not currently in the game bar ring for the game bar, you must register through the Xbox Insiders application from the Windows Store.

Group search is a fantastic feature on the Xbox One. Migrating this feature to Windows 10 gives Microsoft a great opportunity to natively improve community aspects of its operating system.

With competitors like Steam offering real community features, Microsoft must catch up. However, the main point of selling Xbox is the community. Windows might be delayed, but at least Microsoft now knows what to do.

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