How to Fix YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

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Getting YouTube 500 Internal Server Error? Can not see any videos on YouTube? This error does not mean that YouTube server is down. If you check YouTube on your phone it will work smoothly. You just need to try these methods and get rid of this "YouTube 500 Internal Server Error" error message

What Is The YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

The issue is not because of your computer or perhaps your internet connection. Actually, this mistake is about the hosting server and the YouTube server.

You may want to contact the support team of YouTube to help fix the error. But this issue may be faced by hundreds of YouTube users around the globe. YouTube support is too busy to answer you in this situation. Your last choice should be to contact YouTube support

In some cases, this may be due to the hacking of your server. You can't do anything in this incident except wait for the YouTube team to solve the issue.

In reality, the same issue has been experienced by hundreds of YouTube users and reported to the YouTube support Team in hopes of receiving a response. Before sending tickets to customer service, you can also create quick repairs yourself. You may also see DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET, we have tutorial to fix it.

How To Fix The YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

This particular error occurs only occasionally and can be experienced by YouTube users from all over the world. However, some cases where you can only experience it. If that's the case, these corrections can help you.

How to Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies

In order to fix this "YouTube 500 Internal Server Error" message, try to delete all cookies and clear cache if you've used Chrome:

1) Open Chrome Browser

2) Click the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" icon at the top right corner and click Settings

3) Click Clear browsing data under Advanced

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

5) From the start, clear the cookies and the cache. Ensure the selection of cached images and files and the selection of cookies and other website data. Click Clear Browsing Data.

6) Relaunch your Chrome and verify if it solves the issue.

Restart your browser or Try with another browser

Browser restarting always works when loading content on the web page is wrong. So try restarting the browser. Try to use another browser to watch the YouTube video if the problem is not solved.

Patiently wait to be fixed by the YouTube Team

Wait a few seconds or even a minute if you find this error and try to open the YouTube page again. In this situation, to analyze and correct errors rapidly, you must send it to the YouTube team.

You can contact them at 1(650)253-0000 by phone. You can also use their YouTube, FaceBook, or Twitter pages to connect to them.

Now it's evident that the YouTube 500 Internal Server Error message has nothing to do with your device or connection to the Internet. You don't have to worry about it. This sort of issue means that you have removed a request to connect to the YouTube server and are not able to detect it.

Many people get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error while surfing internet, if you also saw such error then go and read the guide to solve it.

Consequently, the application may not be able to determine the easiest route.
You may download the video so you can see it even if you are offline or you have an error in Youtube since we do not understand when this YouTube 500 Internal Server Error will happen.

Hopefully, the corrections we provided above can help you solve the internal server issue. But even if you've attempted all the suggested fixes but the error stays, it's either you're waiting for their team to solve it, or you're trying to contact them directly. For more information you can check Google Forums.

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