The Worst things about Windows 10 that Nobody likes at all

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Many of you would agree to these points as to why Windows 10 is really bad implementation. Let's look at some key things which make it so bad for users and which could have been simpler or made good to use. Here are the worst things about Windows 10.

Worst things about Windows 10

Really Slow Settings and Hard to reach right configs

It really doesn't make sense to set parameters in two different places in Windows 10. It really doesn't make sense to have two panels for the same purpose. We do not know if their characteristics overlap or not.

Frozen Start Menu and Broken Windows Menus

I have a menu of frozen windows several times. It is also crazy. Click on the icon in the left window and nothing happens. If this happened on Linux or macOS, all Pro PC media would say "Apple sells trash" or "Linux is not good for professionals, it is only for geeks."

I don't know if it's indexing or if it's another component of Windows, but nothing happened when I clicked on some elements of the Windows menu.

Registry still invites malware and viruses to stay

People still use CCleaner and all the software, it shows that something is wrong in the registry. I think that when people delete a product, they leave a residual note. in the registry

Recovery Tools that does not work

On top of that, my WinRE doesn't work anymore. I want to know if my Windows MS Windows may be confused between the Family I version and the Pro version. It may not migrate very well. As I said before, I bought Windows 10 Pro. Unacceptable to see that the backup program failed.

Forced Auto Updates

The most obvious complaint with Windows 10 is perhaps the automatic update process (and automatic restart). Nobody likes to have an update imposed, but Windows is very happy to do so. Worse, it often can't be fixed. Controls to reduce aggression are intentionally updated by Start licenses, the most common version of Windows. We have written a guide on how you can stop Windows from auto updating itself.

Microsoft told us that it made Windows 10 safer and that I wasn't entirely wrong. Not updating the software is almost always a security risk. This is one of the reasons why WannaCry is so effective. But if adopting a bad update is problematic, Windows has a design problem. The simplest and most brutal way to solve the problem is to eliminate or hide the NO button.

Majority of Sponsored Apps

Bloatware is not a new plague. Android has always been in this part of the world. In Windows 10, Microsoft forcibly install junk food games like Candy Crush on your computer. The removal of this application is only a temporary improvement: users often find the bloatware application reinstalled after a major update.

The operating system may not display ads. Nor should they install third-party software that you don't want. But this amounts to a course for Microsoft, a well-known company has lost a large-scale antitrust lawsuit related to its policy of requiring users to install and use Internet Explorer in earlier versions of Windows.

Privacy Vulnerable Design

Do not forget about telemetry. Windows 10 really wants to spy on users. If they can, Microsoft will always record videos directly on your computer.

Uninstalltion does clean up app mess

The user window folder is and always becomes a terrible and scary disaster. This is worse in Windows 10. This directory is treated as a public trash bin, which allows all applications to be permanently installed in the folder and stopped if the user cleans later. Files are published throughout the system, with few rhymes or reasons for the entire organization. Operating systems do not impose hierarchies, allowing each application developer to do what they want.

The Windows Store application of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) does not have this problem. In fact, one of the objectives set by UWP is to solve the problem of an unmanageable installer. A look at the Windows Store reveals that UWP does not contain most of the classic applications.

Uninstalling Win32 and .NET applications is as serious as installing it. You may notice that an unrelated application depends on the files installed by a completely different application. In fact, the operating system does not contain protection against this. The only solution is to uninstall both and reinstall what you want to save. Otherwise, it will end with a damaged application that requires a mysterious "repair" process.

Dissonance of the user interface

The Windows 10 user interface is a mixture of the previous era of Windows design. On one screen, it is possible to see interface elements as old as Windows XP and new, such as the latest updates. Some deeper system applications, such as Event Viewer and Disk Management, have not been changed since the Windows XP era.

No support at all - You have to live with errors

The Microsoft forum is full of codes for children that suggest
  • Create a local account with new users.
  • Reinstall MS Windows (this is not the solution for me)
  • Why do we still have to use the registry editor to repair MS Windows? 
  • Why do we need to fix Windows like the one that has been modified?
I hope to have a backup plan. A Macbook, Fedora, and Ubuntu. Otherwise, I will be in big trouble without the actual operating system. We can no longer rely on MS Windows because it is not a serious operating system. They don't want to get rid of the old 32-bit compatibility and focus on 64 bits. They do not want to be simple. They do not want to focus on the basic features of the operating system.

Ten years ago, I spent hours repairing Linux and several hours repairing Windows. Today, I spend a lot of time repairing Windows and I don't have time to repair Linux.

Some more bad things about Windows 10

  • With Windows 10, Microsoft continues to move from the world of old and tiring desktop programs to the field of mobile applications. Excellent if you like the application, it is not good if you prefer to run the program on your desktop.
  • Many people have driver problems. Of course, the solution is to find a new driver and install it, but many expect Windows 10 to be a little smarter to solve the problem itself.
  • If you do not change the Windows settings, you will enter. Several times. Windows, aware of its power consumption, usually empties the screen when it has not pressed the button for a few minutes. And, when you press the button too late to turn on the screen, you face a locked screen.
  • The taskbar is a convenient feature of Windows that usually crouches at the bottom of your desktop. Sometimes, unfortunately, go up and walk.
  • Although Cortana brings many interesting features to your computer, it is not the best option to activate if you are concerned about privacy. After all, you need to know a lot of information about yourself, such as your voice, your location, your contacts, your calendar events and your messages, all to help you. The good news is that you can adjust your settings or even disable Cortana to avoid leverage. See our guide for Cortana: Maximize Cortana in Windows 10 (you will find details on how to disable or change what you know about yourself in the first part).

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