How to Fix Chrome Aw Snap Error on Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1

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There are a few ways to get rid of this Google Chrome Aw Snap Error. Follow this guide and fix this Chrome issue in no time. There is a video guide too, which we recommend to follow, it shows live demonstration of how to fix Chrome Aw Snao Error in Windows System.

Try Using Incognito

To open the browser in incognito mode, follow the steps below. Click the icon on the three points and select New incognito window from the context menu. Then the gray tabs open in Chrome now shows an incognito.

Then open the same tabs you find an error. If the page is opened, there may be something wrong with the plug-ins installed in the Chrome browser. In this case, you must disable browser extensions. But first, try clearing browser data to see if it helps.

Deleting search and History

This can help improve Google Chrome keeps freezing or crashing errors, which occur because of errors of data stored on the device. There are two ways to access navigation data Delete:

Click the icon on the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome and select Settings. On the new page, scroll down and click Advanced and select the navigation data.

Folow this Live Demo (Recommended)

Follow this video tutorial and help yourself in fixing this Chrome Aw Snap Error. This will take a few minutes to solve the issue.

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