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UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION in Windows 10, shows that the component store take an unexpected exception. Now many possible causes, which has been reduced to a few specific causes of this error.

This could be your antivirus program installed on your computer; hardware drivers may be outdated, possibly because of an error in the file system, a problem with the lock screen application or outside the port, which was unexpected. Today we will do our best to solve this problem

Unexpected Store Exception Blue Screen Fix (Recommended)

See this demonstration and follow all the steps properly and get rid of this UNEXPECTED STORE EXCEPTION Blue Screen Error on your computer.

Update display driver

For this we need to start the computer in Safe Mode. Press F8 while you boot your computer.

  1. Now, the best practice you should go to the website of your manufacturers such as NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. Go to the driver. And download the latest definitions from there.
  2. After downloading, simply install drivers and restart your computer.
  3. Or, after starting in Safe Mode, open the Device Manager.
  4. To open the Device Manager, find Cortana search box or right-click on the icon Computer / Computer and select Manage.
  5. Click Yes when prompted User Account Control or UAC obtained. Now in the list, double-click the display adapter.
  6. And in each sub-entry that is in the room, right click on them and click Uninstall Tool. Restart your computer.

Finally, go to the Settings app and check for updates on Windows Update.

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