YooHook Social Media and Videos - Tutorial

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How to use YooHook for Social Media. This tool works for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. This guide will talk about YooHooks for YouTube and Facebook. Instagram will be released in next week. Currently this tool is supported only on Windows 64 bit platforms.  Lets get started and see how to use this tool.

Social Media

Providing a URL

This field is an endpoint URL of a a video multimedia which is publically accessible. The URL page you provide should contain at least one video. You can not specify private videos on Facebook or YouTube. The video blob needs to be public. 

Providing Hooks

You can provide at the most 8 hooks, starting from hook1 through hook8. To add hook you can just add a new entry in the body. Each hook has to be assigned with a payload field.

Providing Payloads

These payloads specifies what kind of operation will be performed for a particular hook. Hook can be used as reference also. For example if you have provided a log file, then this can also be used a reference to a logger hook.

Enabling or Disabling Logs

Logs are important so that we can check if the body we are submitting is correct or not. You can provide a log file pah where all the logs will be written. To enable the logs provide the absolute file path. Specify FLAG_DIABLE to just turn off logging.

The tool comes with an example body which can be reused for your desired operations.

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