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Editing a particular photograph is a form of art. It is more than just applying an eye-catching filter of your choice. It takes a lot of patience, the right eye and perfect software to get the work done in an efficient manner. Traditionally people used to refer to Photo Book when it came to creating a collage of photos. However, all new editing and designing software like Karizma photo album has revolutionized the entire world of photo editing with its advanced features and futuristic approach.

Karizma Photo Album Software

Before we consider the benefits of the Karizma photo album, it would be better to understand the basic details of the Photo Book.

Traditional Photo Book Design

Photo Book is usually created with a specific intention in mind like offering full coverage of a marriage or an important event. In a traditional Photo Book, a visual narrative is built through editing and graphic designing. This Photo Book is usually accompanied with or without any kind of text.

Key features of Photo Book

Creating their Own Collection: A Photo Book allows users to design their own collection. The digital photo book can be considered as a collage of events from their life.

Can create a yearbook: A picture speaks a thousand words. In a Photo Book, you can collect the important photos from any particular year and create a collage of photos, representing all the key events of your choice.

Print the Photo Book: A key advantage of the photo book is that the same can also be published. You can then gift wrap it and send it over to the person for whom it has been designed. The option of keeping the memories alive in the soft variant is however available always.

Karizma Photo Album Software

The photo album from Karizma is definitely better than a traditional Photo Book. While the former is only a collection of traditional photo collages, the photo album from Karizma has a futuristic touch to it accompanied by a wide variety of innovative features that are listed below.

Why Karizma Album Tool is Better

Cover Selection Option: You will get access to a range of template options in Karizma, using which you can design an attractive album cover in real-time. Any person who wants to go through the album will get a detailed insight into the photographs just by looking at the album cover.

StoryBoard Feature: Through Karizma Album Software, you can display the images in a story form. Narrating the entire event in a story format makes it more interesting and sets it apart from the others. Though displaying photos through the story is also available in Photo Book, the storyboard feature in Karizma displays it in an innovative manner, making it more interesting and appealing.

Photo Editing and creation of titles: A range of photo editing options is available in Karizma along with options like photo resizing and cropping. Numerous custom templates are also available in Karizma and you can always customize it as per your requirement. In short, once a photograph is edited through Karizma, it definitely gives a professional look to the photo.

Availability of Numerous shape options: While a traditional Photo Book does not offer multiple formatting options, software like Karizma offers different shape options in which the photograph can be adjusted. This will give a creative look to the album and your memories will be preserved forever.

Photo Enhancement Features: Karizma Photo Album is equipped with a wide variety of photo enhancement features. You can easily retouch the images, adjust their exposure levels and add multiple filters that can turn a simple photo into a memorable piece of art.

Resizing and Rotation of Images made easy: While resizing and rotation of images feature is available in photo book too, resizing and rotating the image is easy in Karizma which has made it a popular option among multiple professional editors.

Ease of operation: Not only professional photographers but common people also use Photo Book and Karizma. While you are working on Photo Book, you will have to complete a particular photo book before moving on to any other assignment. Within Karizma Photo Album you can multitask in a seamless manner. The best part is the autosave feature offered by the software, which will save all the work in real-time, enabling you to resume your work from the exact place you had left it.

Automated page design feature: Karizma Photo Album is unique in the sense that it has an automated page design feature. The software offers a wide variety of pre-designed templates. You only need to click on a template and upload a particular image of your choice. The software will readjust the images in an automatic way, offering you the ultimate result in real-time.

Photo import and thumbnail preview: All forms of photos including RAW and PSD files can be uploaded with ease on Karizma Photo Album. Its customized thumbnail preview facility also makes this photo album software alluring and eye-catching.

Here’s hoping that the mentioned features are helpful enough and you are finally able to decide how Karizma Photo Album Software is better than Photo Book?

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