Mr Key Shop: What it is and why everyone chooses it

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What it Mr KeyShop and why everyone chooses it

Mr Key Shop stands out on the IT market for its strengths such as impeccable customer service, immediate shipments, secure payments and its "satisfied or refunded" policy.

Mr Key Shop is a trademark of Uk Soft LTD with offices in England and specialized in online sales of Microsoft Operating Systems packages, original Microsoft Office, Antivirus and original software with affordable prices, among the most competitive in the market, proposing for this even on international scale. You can visit MrKeyShop website, the link is provided below in the article.

It has been operating in the IT sector for years and in a short time it has conquered the leadership in itsreference sector with good satisfaction of buyers, according to the reviews found on the web. 

The company, in fact, is among the best in the quality-price ratio of what it sells (such as Windows 10 Professional and Office 2019 Professional Plus that can be purchased together for less than 100€, saving more than 70% compared to the official Microsoft store).

Mr Key Shop pursues a great professional ethics based on the utmost fairness towards its customers.

Shipping, secure payments and assistance on Mr Key Shop

Let's go and see all the pluses and strengths of this company.

Shipping: The company has developed a very efficient tool that sends the purchase directly to the customer's email after a few seconds from the validation of the payment.

Each customer receives a complete package containing the original license and all the instructions for quick and easy activation.

Mr Key Shop does not ship physical products and thus limits the environmental impact by having the planet's ecology at heart, avoiding the waste of paper, plastic and materials that could damage the ecosystem.

Secure payments: Mr Key Shop has adopted the safest payment methods on the web, so the customer will never have to fear of running into fraud.

In fact, all the data entered is encrypted and decrypted by SSL or "Secure Sockets Layer"; the various payment methods include the safest ones such as "Paypal", "Amazon Pay", "Stripe" (for card payment), "Google Pay", "Apple Pay".

Free technical assistance: Mr Key Shop uses a team of professionals, a complete team that responds to every needs through an active Free Technical Support chat and a Contact Form that allows you to solve any possible difficulty and follows it by getting in touch even by phone, guiding you in solving the problem if there were a need.

Customer satisfaction is what really means to Mr Key Shop so if the product does not correspond to expectations you’ll be refunded.

Are the licenses of Mr Key Shop compliant with the law?

All products sold on the Mr Key Shop store are covered by maximum guarantee and authenticity because, purchased by individuals for inactivity (passage to the cloud or subscription services), they are put back on the market offering a considerable saving, following current regulations inherent to refurbished products, which means that you will always rely on serious and responsible sellers.

Products and easy installation with Mr Key Shop: 

The range of offers proposed is truly exclusive and surprisingly flexible because it responds to any type of request made by customers.

Mr Key Shop leaves no one behind and is aimed at professionals and less specialists in the sector by offering diversified solutions tailored to each individual.

Software for sale includes:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems for offices, companies and individuals such as Windows 7, Windows 8 up to the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Microsoft Office packages ranging from versions of Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, up to the latest version of Office 2019 for PC/MAC.
  • Antivirus for the safety of your PC and your data.

Currently available:

  • Kaspersky all version.

Each product is related to a very detailed and precise technical sheet.

Customer is accompanied by a clear explanation of how the purchase is managed.


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