Steam games will now be streamed from PC, for FREE

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Steam games will now be streamed from your PC anytime, for free

The amount of flexibility that Valve has offered Steam users is dramatically growing the choices for people to share games at home and with their friends for free using Steam.

Steam Connect is also being introduced as a Linux program, which allows users to download games from their PC to Steam Link computers based on the same local network. To download games from a device to a Linux-based set top box linked to a Monitor, you can now use the latest Linux distribution. As well as on Apple, iOS, and Raspberry Pi, the software is open.

A bigger change has also been added to the Remote Play Together function on Steam, enabling you to remotely download games to your device and play them with friends. Recently, Valve released a service that encouraged you to play games with friends who don't have a Steam account, but only one friend at a time could take advantage of the feature. Thanks to the changes made in Steam lately, you can now play games with as many mates as you want, even though they don't have Steam profiles.

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