The Best Laptops for Gaming as of Today

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The Best Laptops for Gaming as of Today

This year's best gaming laptop appears distinctly different from previous years' versions. Mobile gaming's early days were marked by heavy, desk-replacement gaming chassis; numerous power bricks; and an explosion of RGB illumination. 

However, the high-end gaming notebooks today are a totally different matter. There are finally strong specifications, both more powerful and more compact, that can be included in slimmer, more advanced, and more competent PCs. Their high-refresh displays are critical for providing an exciting gameplay experience. For day-to-day activities, these laptops are awesome. 

Laptops like the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 have what it takes to be best gaming laptops in 2021. In terms of what sorts of games it can play, it can handle the most challenging games on the market today and is still an outstanding everyday ride.

New gaming laptop models will be released daily on this website during the year. Great new features are arriving shortly. AMD and Nvidia have unveiled their next-generation range of handheld processors and graphics cards, which we can use in gaming laptops from a variety of vendors already. The H series of Intel's low-power processors, branded as Tiger Lake, is also arriving. But, we predict that such processors would appear in a range of more lightweight goods.

Another notable aspect to keep an eye out for is the QHD screen. Manufacturers have been launching laptops with 1440p screens, including those with a sub-$2,000 price tag, at a rising pace. Gamers have several choices when it comes to level of experience and price. Depending on the model, you might assume a reasonably fast refresh rate. Other instances include the newly unveiled Razer Blade 15, which will sport a screen capable of rendering up to a 240Hz refresh rate and QHD resolution.

Something else to bear in mind is the amount of control you'll get. If you have two chips of the same label, it is likely that the frame rates in one laptop would not be the same as the frame rates in another due to wattage (as well as other factors like the processor and cooling). A couple of vendors have not met with the recent standards placed in effect by Nvidia, forcing businesses to report clock speeds and graphics capacity on their web websites. Doing some analysis is your best option if you can't locate the frame rate specifications on a company's website. We will provide details on the wattage of any laptops we evaluate that use latest RTX graphics cards in our reports.

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