Why would people not want to move to Windows 10?

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Culture wars are only won until you can identify who the enemy is, and unite with all who dislike them. No matter how nice or poor the new Microsoft product is, people can carp about transition. If an institution or company decides to God forbid study, adapt, or understand something different, they are, in fact, dismissive of anything already known.

Why would people not want to move to Windows 10?

For as long as Microsoft has existed, people have hated it. It is still that way. I'm always mistreated by my colleagues and peers since "Win 10 is terrible", both of whom fall for whatever nonsense they've picked up somewhere.

And then they ask me which software I like to use to open a certain file form or modified the default configuration For anything like simple as that, they have completely lost their minds. As a matter of reality, they still seem as though they've shown that Windows 10 was bad on purpose. This fills them with strange delight.

Okay, Lets admit it

Nice going, Jack. I told you that person was stupid. Didn't I tell you he was an idiot, when he got the job?" And so they messed the things up! In my opinion, Microsoft sucks. Now we're even being watched! "I'm going to get a Mac!"

Did you read what Google's new policy about its cookies is?

Let me rephrase the question… They never last more than 2 minutes, and I usually address their little annoyances in 2 minutes or less. And then I waste 5 to 10 minutes demonstrating why it's the strongest of Windows 7 and 8, as well. Adjusted to suit changing times.  I demonstrate the distinction between telemetry and data processing of data The general impression of my talk, though, is that a few others (who aren't popular) have been doing the research for quite a while. Facebook and Google: the same. For the very first time.

Apple or Linux vs Windows

They all can go buy an Apple or get Linux - I say. honestly New knowledge is attractive to me. A lot of people come back to Windows because they use it for a few months or years and they find they really that it fits their needs more than most operating systems. Many critics dislike Windows, but at least they're making their case on grounds of understanding.

I'm glad to hear it.

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