3rd party launcher mimics Android Q's desktop theme

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3rd party launcher mimics Android Q's desktop theme
Image Credits: MSPowerUser

Microsoft Continuum is great, in such a way that the technology giant finally copied it, first Samsung and now Google. Android makers have announced that they will provide support for the desktop environment in the Android Q version.

In addition, our company also added that support was also added to display the on-screen keyboard and third-party launchers on the secondary screen.

Support for third-party launchers caught the attention of developer Daniel Blandford. From the beginning he was able to develop a third-party launcher to test the Android Q Desktop environment.

Daniel's configuration is simple. Of course, he uses an Essential Phone with Android Q Beta, and the phone is connected to a portable monitor and keyboard via USB. And here is a glimpse of what can be revealed.
However, it is not something that can play with ordinary users like you and me, because of a lack of knowledge about making launchers. Android developers, don't worry!

Because the Android Q Desktop mode is still in the trial phase, you might face some problems if you plan to use the Android Q Desktop mode. Therefore, I suggest you not try this at home (even). )

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