Apple bringing new wireless system to deactivate stolen iPhones

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Apple bringing new wireless system to deactivate stolen iPhones
Image Credits: Neil Patel (Apple Inc for using logo)

Apple now is in preparation for a completely new wireless tracking system, which will deactivate a stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac and make your flight to Apple a low-paid business.
The patent explains the method that effectively closes any Apple device when it is removed from the store.

This is how patents work (in short): once an Apple device has been removed from a security zone (i.e. a store), the security system notifies the site administrator, as a store employee. After a while, the device can no longer access Apple services, such as activation. This will deactivate the hardware button and touch input and will always try to send the position.

A message will also be displayed on the lock screen, notifying the device owner to send it back to the nearest store. The Apple store uses an open presentation that has been stolen, this method, if implemented, will prevent potential thieves from only marking Apple display units.

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