Apple's plan to make foldable iPhones

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Apple's plan to make foldable iPhones
Image Credits: Forbes (just a concept phone: actual phone design may vary)

This year has been full of companies that choose to make cellphones that can be folded and actually function. Now, it seems that Apple even wants a piece of cake because this new patent shows its vision of what an folding iPhone can do.

Apple has awarded the USPTO patent (via PhoneArena) with the title "Screen for electronic devices" given to Apple on Tuesday. Patents show folding phones in rooms similar to Galaxy Fold.
Apple filed a patent long before the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Fold to allow Apple to evaluate again, given all the problems faced by Samsung. With Apple's patent application for foldable cellphones, Apple might consider folding the iPhone.

See what Apple said

Traditionally, electronic devices have a single form factor that may be driven by the size and shape of the display. Because many traditional displays are rigid or at least not flexible, a traditional device that is adaptable to accommodate multiple form factors includes the use of a mechanical hinge or pivot joint. However, these traditional configurations used for traditional notebook and tablet devices are inherently limited by the integration and size required by a separate mechanical hinge. Embodiments described herein are directed to devices and techniques for forming portable electronic devices having a flexible cover coupled to a flexible display that do not have the limitations or drawbacks associated with some traditional solutions.
– Apple

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Foldable iPhone Concept

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