Blackberry Messenger shots down today forever

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Blackberry Messenger shots down today forever
Image Credits BlackBerry via Google Play

Once, BkacBerry Messenger was a messaging application that was used by all great kids. Then the iPhone was launched. Today, sadly, BlackBerry Messanger is turned down forever.

Regardless of what you think about BBM, it is undeniable that BBM has been at the top. Now this is a warning to other technology companies. The space between the most frequently used email applications and the joke descriptor is very small.

The BBM brand is not dead yet, BlackBerry still has a single BBM Enterprise usage program, which will allow users to continue to use company servers for secure messaging without having to be part of the company. With applications like Slack, which are used to send team messages, and Messenger and WhatsApp, which offer highly secure encrypted messages, even curators use them, it's hard to know how long it will last.

Source: Twitter

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