What is the Difference Between a Genuine Copy of Windows and a Non Original Copy?

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 If you're acquainted with the computing universe, you're also aware that operating systems such as Windows can be hacked. You can conveniently receive and mount a pirated copy on your device. Similarly, you can obtain a free cracked edition of virtually every program, like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. However, why do the majority of laptop manufacturers charge hundreds of rupees to preinstall the device on your latest laptop? Why are not many individuals and organisations willing to pay for legitimate software?

What is the Difference Between a Genuine Copy of Windows and a Non Original Copy?

There are two straightforward explanations for this:

1. Using, copying, or distributing pirated or hacked software is unlawful. Since it is almost difficult to trace millions of users who use pirated apps and digital material in a country like India, the majority of people use it openly and without fear of being captured. Even the majority of us are unsure if it is legal or not.

2. Privacy and security concerns: This is something that the majority of users are unaware of, including those who pose as tech developers in computer stores and those who install pirated Windows and other applications on the computer. When you install apps, you grant them complete access to the tools on your device. Now, the app can do whatever it needs without drawing your attention to it. This involves submitting sensitive records, photographs, or recordings, stealing the password to your bank account or ATM PIN, and a variety of other wrongdoings. That is why Windows prompts you for approval prior to downloading third-party applications and advises you to do so only if you trust the publisher. Now, large tech firms are unable to do those activities, because even though they are, they will become the following day's newspaper story.

However, the individual or hacker who cracks and distributes pirated software can alter the source code to include his commands. A source code file is one that includes a set of instructions or the program's key logic that a CPU may recognize. As an end customer, you can never see these orders or commands. Without altering the program's user interface or core rationale, the hacker may incorporate any additional guidelines for performing fishy actions. Now, when you install the pirated program, it will function and seem to be authentic, but it could be performing additional tasks in the background. For instance, it may be logging all the keys you type on your keyboard, including confidential details such as your address and passwords, and submitting that data to the hacker who hacked the program. Worse still, your computer's IP address can be used for illicit drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and some such nefarious activity you might imagine. That is why it is still advised that you use genuine Windows and applications. To save money, you should install alternatives such as Ubuntu on Windows and LibreOffice in lieu of Microsoft Office.

Since the cracker's main aim is to do something else, the pirated copies of Windows (or every other program, for that matter) function identically to the original and all features operate flawlessly.

If you do have real Windows up, you're good to go.

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