How to Disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service in Windows 10

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 I've been experiencing the same issue for days and have attempted several remedies and tweaks, but my issue has continued. It was consuming my bandwidth and I was powerless to stop it, but as I searched deeper and deeper, I discovered an answer to this vexing dilemma.

How to Disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service in Windows 10

We must establish a task that is scheduled to operate while the Background Intelligent Transfer Service is active, and that task must be configured to terminate/stop the BITS service, thus relieving us of the need to manually terminate it repeatedly. Therefore, please take the measures outlined below:

Step One

1. Type the following command in notepad.exe.

@echo off

sc stop BITS

sc config BITS start= disabled


2. Save it as Disable_BITS.bat and recall its position for later use.

Step Two

1. Click the Start button and type Task Scheduler.

2. In the scheduler, click on Create Task in the correct Action sidebar. Please do not choose Create Basic Task, as this would not grant us higher permissions for our program's execution.

3. It will prompt for a tag, which I like to call Disable BITS. Leave out the description; it is superfluous.

4. Choose the choice. Run with the best rights possible.

5. Click Next, then in the Triggers tab, add a new trigger with the "On a case" condition.

6. Choose Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client/Analytics from the Log option.

7. Choose Bits-Client as the Source alternative.

8. Exclude the Event ID; it is not needed.

9. Build another trigger with the same choices as the previous one, but choose Microsoft-Windows-Bits-Client/Operational.

10. Choose Next and then the Action button.

11. Select New and navigate to the Disable BITS.bat file that we created in Step 1.

12. Choose the Optional check box and press Next.

13. Clear all check boxes in the Conditions column.

Additionally, uncheck the box next to "Stop the mission if it runs longer than" on the Settings page. Select OK.

That is it. Now, once the Background Intelligent Transfer Program is invoked, our special role will execute and execute the code that will eventually terminate the service and prevent it from accessing our sensitive data.

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