Huawei nation prepares to retaliate against US companies

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Huawei's nation prepares to retaliate against US companies
Image Credits: The Verge

In a case that should not surprise anyone, China has fought against foreign companies in response to Huawei's blacklist in the United States.

Bloomberg said the country had announced a list of unreliable entities that would endanger the interests of domestic companies.

Any foreign entity that cuts, blocks or damages the official commercial interests of a Chinese national company will be included in the list.

It's no coincidence that this step came after Microsoft, Google. Qualcomm and several other US companies were forced to stop doing business with Huawei because the United States had placed the company in a list of limited entities.

This decision disrupts the ambitions of the company's smartphones and laptops and, if it continues, has the potential to destroy Huawei's technological activities.

China will take "necessary steps" against any company added to the list specifically about what will happen in the coming weeks.

This week, it was announced that China was considering turning Microsoft Windows into a military to eliminate fear of spies.

via Bloomberg

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