LinkedIn buys ad targeting company for better ad serving

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LinkedIn buy ad targeting company for better ad serving
Image Credits: Google Play / LinkedIn

Some LinkedIn users might think that the company is an adequate professional resume company, but in fact, like all social networks, LinkedIn is actually an advertising agent.

In a press release announcing the purchase of Drawbridge, which uses AI to understand and target customers, LinkedIn revealed that its LinkedIn marketing solution has increased sales by 46% per year by selling 630 million LinkedIn members. . .

Press releases are a perfect example of the saying that if you don't pay for your service, it's really a product.

"We have also launched an announcement targeted at campaign managers to help our clients adjust their campaign experience with their goals" and "we will continue to maintain strict control of our members and customers for the data they choose to share."

I hope LinkedIn doesn't focus too much on its customers, they will lose their members.

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