Microsoft Store now adds MobileShell for Windows 10

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Microsoft Store now adds MobileShell for Windows 10
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A few days ago we wrote about PowerShell, a Windows 10 shell inspired by Windows Mobile and intended to make Windows 10 for ARM more useful on Lumia 950 XL.

The developer of ADeltaX, the application, however, works very well on PCs with Windows 10 and has now been transferred to the Microsoft Store.

Designed to work in tablet mode Windows 10 (and finally Lumia 950 XL), pressing the Start button opens the Start menu, pressing the previous button and pressing it, the task selector and the button that appears Search opens the search.

It also shows the status indicator and status bar at the top of the screen.

Source and Credits: Twitter

Currently supports:
  1. Battery status (charging, normal, saving)
  2. Detection (such as w10m):
  3. Help focus
  4. Use of place
  5. WiFi (estimated to be partially damaged)
  6. Cellphone (+ dual sim) -> WIP, must be damaged
  7. Tablet mode or desktop mode (may be damaged)
  8. Double touch to sleep
  9. Click / touch the status bar to open the action center.
  10. This work also continues to add more features.

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