How can I recover a lost Windows 7 password?

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How to recover a lost Windows 7 Password?

There is an easy way to recover a lost password on a computer.

  • You wish to shut down the computer in an inefficient manner, such as by turning off the main power supply.
  • You wish to restart your computer after it has been shut off. When you first start it up, Windows displays a menu with 4–5 options.
  • By default, the cursor is set on the final choice. To change this, use the aarow keys to choose the first option (Safe Mode), then hit enter.
  • After 4–5 minutes, a popup appears asking for your computer's password.
  • There is also a separate account known as "Administrator."
  • To access it without a password, click “Administrator,” then go to the control panel and select erase password for your account.
  • Then turn it off.

When you restart your computer, Windows will not prompt you for a password.

How to reset a forgotten Windows 7 password?

With the reset disk, resetting a lost Windows 7 administrator password is simple. For your convenience, I've included the instructions below.

Step 1: On the password login screen, press the "Reset Password" button. After that, the password reset process will appear.

Step 2: After pressing "Next," insert the bootable usb into your password-protected computer.

Step 3: You'll see a drop-down option appear. Select the recovery DVD and press "Next."

Reset Windows 7 Password

Step 4: You must now create a new password. Hit "Confirm" after typing in the new password.

Step 5: Click "Next" to complete the password reset procedure.

If you have access to some other administrator account on the computer, you may use that account to change the password for other user account.

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