Tinder brings a new option called ‘Super Boost’ for users

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Tinder brings a new option called ‘Super Boost’ for users
Captured on Samsug S10 (Credits:Tinder)

Tinder launches new features for the application so that users can be seen by more users. Known as "Super Boost", this feature will take you to the top of the queue, as well as the usual reminder of Tinder Boost, but by the way. Cool

Tinder is testing the capabilities of Tinder Gold and Plus customers to buy improvements that help them advance and see up to 100 times more matches, and get ready for Super Boost..

The company has also added a new read receipt feature so you can see the collection line and who.
Tinder hasn't said how much this super increase will cost, even where he will be tested, but he plans to launch it in various markets at any time. Almost not as clear as going out with Tinder.

We get it, nobody likes lines. That’s why we’re testing the ability for Tinder Gold and Plus subscribers to purchase an upgrade that helps them cut to the front and be seen by up to 100x more potential matches. Yep, you read that correctly: up. to. one. hundred. times. more. views. Get ready for Super Boost. - Tinder

Source: Tinder Blog

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